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Young Smart is a free-spirited Kenyan hiphop rapper, singer-songwriter with strengths in flow and melody, catchy hooks and dope verses. As Jack Marin, an author of Rattler magazine said, he adds the necessary soulful character needed for a record to reach new heights, as well as a touch of his signature African vibe. His unique sound is inspired by creations from all kinds of genres, as seen from singles in his Love Album. His music draws influences from artists like Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Kenny Rogers.


Young Smart has been featured in magazines, among them the rattler magazine, for his single ‘Wampakacha‘, which won 1st place in Kenya’s Nation Fm 7 top 7, and the CoolTop 20, a UK playlist.

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He took 1st place among the hip-hop artists at Songdew LIFOTI, an Indian Music Platform for Artists.
Young Smart headlined a music concert in Kenya with an audience of 500 people for the Lit 4 Christ release, his first album.

Skills & Abilities

Young Smart is a talented singer, rapper, music producer, instrumentalist, choreographer, video and image editor, web designer, and Dj as well. He recently developed his own style of music which he likes to call ‘Sebrap’ highlighted in his single, Sombe, and promises more to come.

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Young Smart is currently working on releasing more tracks form his album, Love Album. The album has nine singles already streaming, which are Wampakacha, Sombe, I Know, No More, The Advice, That’s Crazy, Issues, Chilling and Live Love Party respectively. He also started ‘Childhood Vibes – The Growing Up Series ‘ where he covers songs he grew up listening to, adding his touch of genius to them. Him also being a music producer enables him to produce his music how he pictures and to get an in depth understanding of his music creation process.

The never dying spirit of Young Smart combined with a prayer every day, have been instrumental to him getting up every day and discovering new forms of art to inspire his fans with, and more sounds that inspire the artist he is today.

New Music 2021

Young Smart is an independent, self-managed artist.


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