Who is Young Smart

Young Smart has been a great musician since childhood. He continues to bless the hearts and souls of many through his beautiful voice and inspirational music. His unique sound is inspired by creations from all kinds of genres. This is seen in his Love album. He is not afraid to test the waters in every genre he can get his hands on. He then  applies his touch of genius to it. Smart’s path hasn’t been easy. He faced difficulty sharing his creations with the world, for a number of reasons that he has grown to work around with time.
After high-school, he learned music production. This helped out a great deal in enabling him to produce his own music how he pictured it. This also put him in a position to better share his work with the outside world in the hope of reaching a community that relates to him. This route of self production presented other challenges and opportunities as well. From working with top rated artists in the local scene, to getting an in depth understanding of his music creation process.

From the studio, Young’s music needed artworks, lyric videos, music videos and a touch of marketing.  Just to mention generally what goes into the release of one of Young Smart’s musical projects. Being an ex-highschool kid with no money and the realization of what is needed, he sorted to learn how all of these tasks were performed. This website and the art in it is a product and design of Smart’s work, in conjunction with a few awesome partners. The never die spirit of Young combined with a prayer every day, have been instrumental to him getting up every day to discovering new forms of art to surprise his fans with.
Young has talents and skills in Rapping, Singing, Music Production, Video and Image Editing, Playing the Piano, Drums, Bass and Rhythm guitar, Dj-ing and Choreography. He recently developed his own style of music named ‘Sebrap’ highlighted in the song ‘Sombe’ and promises more to come.

Young Smart has been featured in magazines among them the rattler magazine for his new song ‘Wampakacha‘. He has headlined a music concert in Kenya with upto 500 people for the ‘Lit 4 Christ’ release and is on the path to releasing his ‘Love Album’.
Young was hosted by hoodradioke for an interview. His music “Wampakacha” has been played on Nation FM Kenya and won 1 st place on the 7 top 7. The song “Wampakacha” has also been played on TruRadio 1804, a radio
station in United States, and became number 1 in a couple of playlists such as CoolTop 20, a U.K playlist.
He has taken 1 st position on hip-hop artists in
Songdew LIFOTI, an Indian Music Platform for Artists.


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